Evaluation of IEO/ICO Projects and Traded Tokens as Investment Prospects
We Focus on Infrastructure-Based Blockchain Projects
Holistic and Unbiased Assessment of Every Project
Market Potential
Technical Component
Use Cases
Competitive Analysis
Legal Aspects
We have analyzed more than 200 blockchain-projects
We have selected less than 10 projects with investment recommendation during this time frame

Examples of the projects we selected
Cryptocurrency exchange
Hybrid blockchain built for business
Decentralized file sharing protocol
Decentralized crypto exchange
Cryptocurrency exchange
and other infrastructure blockchain projects
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How We Work
We specialize in infrastructure-based blockchain projects
We provide timely consultations in opening and closing investment positions
We provide detailed reports featuring comprehensive analysis of each project in plain language
We are quick to answer any questions our clients may have
We use both open source information and insider information. If we have further questions, we speak with project representatives. We set up in-person meetings with founders of blockchain-projects if it is necessary and feasible
If required, we engage relevant seasoned professionals to analyze technical and legal aspects of projects
We are not affiliated with any crypto-funds, exchanges, IEO/ICO projects, and under no condition do we advertise projects to our clients. We also do not solicit investment in any projects founded by anyone we know
We are not engaged in trust management of your funds nor do we have access to such funds. We do not keep private keys to our client wallets
We Manage the Entire Process in a Personal Telegram Chat or in Another Convenient Messenger
No Account Managers: You Communicate Directly with Our Analysts
We provide comprehensive analysis of investment risks inherent to blockchain-projects
We monitor open positions including any changes in the token product and exchange rate
We notify you about all stages of the IEO/ICO campaign, listings, and other important events and dates relating with blockchain-projects
We record position entry/exit and calculate ROI in USD/ETH/BTC
We assist with the KYC procedure, and help manage your IEO/ICO investment and token sale on cryptoexchanges
We will be happy to answer any of your crypto-related questions
Good evening Vladimir,
The NEX ICO will take place on April 15th. Neonexchange is a decentralized cryptoexchange for the network NEO. Kindly find our report in the attached file.
There is no minimum investment amount, while the maximum investment amount is $1,000. Please register for the project's Whitelist.
Thanks. I can't seem to figure out this NEX extension for my browser. I installed it but I don't understand what I need to do next.
No problem. I can help you right away. May I call you right now?
Yes, please. Thanks
Example of a real-life chat between our analyst and client
Great experience and internships in leading companies and venture funds
Possibility to quickly expand technical and legal expertise
Anton Guglya
Management / Analyst
Anton has been studying cryptocurrency economics since late 2016.
  • Co-founder and Lead Instructor at Cryptocademy. The Academy offers training courses in decentralized economics and blockchain technologies.
  • Member of the roundtable on cryptocurrency regulation "2018 Russian Investment Forum".
  • Member of the Russian Association of Cryptoсurrency and Blockchain (RACIB).
  • Member of a workgroup of the organizing committee of 2018 World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit.
  • Actively engaged in consultations with Bank of Russia's analysts in order to foster a national legislation on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Experience prior to becoming a crypto expert:
  • Entrepreneur.
  • 11+ years' experience in software development management as well as hardware product and design management
    • Product director with Healbe
    • Senior Product Manager with Acronis
    • Head of Design Department at Lingualeo
    • Founded a design studio and an online content project.
  • Instructor at the British Higher School of Design (B2C Education: Development of Digital Products and Design Management)
  • Instructor at Wonderfull Laboratory (B2B education in setting up the development of digital products for employees of Alfa Bank, Home Credit Bank, M.Video and other companies)
Education Background:
  • Hedge Fund Fundamentals program at New Economic School
  • Start in Garage, a startup accelerator
  • IIDF (Internet Initiatives Development Fund) course for IT industry teachers
  • PGUTI (eCommerce Department)

Anastasia Ignatova
Lead Analyst
Area of expertise in hardfork.capital
  • Infrastructure blockchain projects
  • Game development projects
  • AML/KYC projects

ICO Analytics Instructor at Cryptocademy

Prior to becoming a crypto expert:
  • Interned as an analyst at Hack Temple, a Silicon Valley startup accelerator (San Francisco, USA).
  • Interned as an analyst at SIBUR's investment arm under the auspices of the corporate venture fund (Russia).
  • Project IT office coordinator at SANOFI, one of the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies.
  • Developed a monetization strategy for a number of tech projects.
  • Technical background includes medical physics and data science.

Education Background:
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MS in Economics of Technology-Intensive Projects), Department of the Russian Venture Company.
  • Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (BS in Physics).
  • Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (BS in Physics).

Anna Slobodenyuk
Lead Analyst
Area of expertise in hardfork.capital
  • Infrastructure blockchain projects
  • Medtech projects
  • Fintech projects
  • Data storage
  • Retail commerce
ICO Analytics Instructor at Cryptocademy

Prior to becoming a crypto expert:
  • Internship at the venture fund TealTech Capital
  • Business analyst with IT startups and pre-seed Medtech startups (MoveReHub, Diabeticus, KIT, VeinVis, etc.).
  • Moscow Government Fellowship Student

Education Background:
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Department of Innovations and High Technologies, Technology Project Management Department), Department of the Russian Venture Company
  • RANEPA (Economics


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